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School of Materials Science and Engineering


The School of Materials Science and Engineering (SMSE) is one of the earliest-founded academic institutions of Inner Mongolia University of Technology. In September 1954, the two bachelor programs of Foundry and Forging were offered at the Department of Mechanical Manufacturing. In August 1964, based on the two programs the No. 2 Department of Mechanical Manufacturing was established. It was renamed Department of Materials Processing and further the Department of Materials Engineering in 1984 and 1991 respectively. In October 2001, the School of Materials and Engineering (SMSE) finally gave its birth.  

At present, the SMSE has the right to grant the doctoral degree in the first-level discipline of “Materials Science and Engineering”and has one enter for post-doctoral studies. The SMSE also has the right to grant the master degrees of "Materials Science and Engineering" and "Materials Engineering". The undergraduate programs provide a general professional education, including Materials Forming and Controlling Engineering, Metallic Materials Engineering, Materials Physics, Metallurgical Engineering, and Welding Technology and Engineering.  

SMSE has a faculty of 71, consisting of 16 professors, 24 associate professors and senior experimentalists.  14 are doctoral supervisors and 2 are experts receiving special allowances from the State Council, and 4 are Outstanding Talents of the New Century recognized by the Ministry of Education.  

At present, 1660 students are pursuing their doctoral, master and bachelor degrees at the SMSE. A number of key laboratories and research centers are established at SMSE, including Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Cooperative Innovation Center of Non-ferrous Materials and Processing Techniques, Inner Mongolia Research Center of New Material Engineering and Technology, Inner Mongolia Key Laboratory of Thin Film and Coatings Technology, Inner Mongolia Key Laboratory of Light Metals, Key Laboratory of Materials Processing and Control Engineering of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region and Inner Mongolian Key Laboratory of Graphite and Graphene for Energy Storage and Coating. In recent years, SMSE had undertaken more than 60 scientific research projects supported by the national and provincial research funds and One project won 1 National Prize for the Progress in Science and Technology(Second Prize). Some scientific achievements have reached the leading level in China. Students have received more than 30 autonomous region level awards. Over the past 60 years, more than 8,000 students have graduated from the college. They have a strong theoretical knowledge and professional practice and are well received and highly praised by the industry. The employment rate of undergraduates has always remained above 90%.  

After the persistent endeavors by generations of faculty, the College has made great improvements in faculty structure, teaching quality and research conditions. The academic strength of the College has been greatly enhanced. SMSE has become an important base of talent cultivation and scientific and technological development in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region.  

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New town campus: 49 aimin street, xincheng district, Hohhot, Inner Mongolia (Zip code:010051)

Jinchuan campus: jinchuan industrial park, economic and technological development zone, Hohhot, Inner Mongolia (Zip code:010080)

Junger campus: a new area of the city of erdos in erdos, Inner Mongolia (Zip code:010321)

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