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School of Management


The forerunner of the school of management of Inner Mongolia University of Technology was the management engineering department established in 1983. The school was renamed to the current title in 2000. The educational notions of this school are to adopt advantages from others, to exemplify the illustrious virtues, to advocate self-reliance, to make constant improvement, and to search for the highest excellence. Its mission is to cultivate innovative economic management professionals and to serve the economic development of Inner Mongolia. The aim of this school is to build into a first-class and influential innovative business academy in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. It has been awarded many honorary titles such as the national excellent grassroots party organization, the national model workers’ home, and Inner Mongolia youth’s innovation and entrepreneurial unit.

The School of management consists of five departments: the Department of Management Science, the Department of Business Administration, the Department of Accounting, the Department of Economics, and the Department of Finance. In addition, the school also has two centers such as the Teaching Experimental Center and the MBA educational center, one national collective innovation room, and seven provincial level research institutions.

It offers eight undergraduate programs: Business Administration, Information Management and Information Systems, Accounting, Financial Management, International Economics and Trade, Finance, Human Resource Management, Resources and Environmental Economics. The School also offers to university wide undergraduates three double-degree programs: Financial Management, Business Administration and Finance. It has two first-level disciplines: Management Science and Engineering and Business Administration, and three second-level disciplines: Industrial Economics, Finance, and Quantitative Economics. It also offers three professional master’s programs: Master of Business Administration (MBA), Master of Engineering Management (MPM) and Master of Logistics Engineering.

Now, there are 94 faculty members, including 16 professors and 29 associate professors. Among them, more than forty faculties have been awarded titles such as the Expert Receiving Special Allowances from the State Council, the excellent teacher, or the outstanding talents of Inner Mongolia. Many of them have been undertaking a number of national and/or regional research projects, and some of them won the first prizes of the Scientific and Technological Progress Award of the Autonomous Region, the first and second prizes of the Provincial Philosophy and Social Sciences Awards, or the first prizes and second prizes of regional excellent teaching achievements awards.

There are over 3,400 domestic students and more than 60 international students currently studying at the School. Over thirty national awards have been won by the students on national contests and competitions.

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New town campus: 49 aimin street, xincheng district, Hohhot, Inner Mongolia (Zip code:010051)

Jinchuan campus: jinchuan industrial park, economic and technological development zone, Hohhot, Inner Mongolia (Zip code:010080)

Junger campus: a new area of the city of erdos in erdos, Inner Mongolia (Zip code:010321)

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