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College of Sciences


College of Sciences of Inner Mongolia University of Technology is composed of three disciplines of mathematics, physics and mechanics. It was originally founded as the basic teaching department in 1958 and was then renamed as College of Sciences in 2002, and now has become a cultivation base for high-level science talents of the university.

College of Sciences employs a faculty of 134 persons, of which there are 14 professors and 51 associate professors; 47 with doctoral degrees and 53 with master’s degrees. The college offers to undergraduates and postgraduates more than 100 courses, of which 7 public basic courses including advanced mathematics, college physicstheoretical physics and mechanics of materials are named provincial level excellence courses. Both engineering mathematics and college physics teaching teams are branded autonomous regional level excellence teaching teams. It owns a mechanical and physical experiment center which is one of the regional experiment teaching demonstration centers. In addition, the college has a regional key discipline of solid mechanics, and a key big data laboratory based on statistics as well as a big data research center for digital mobile cloud teaching in Inner Mongolia.

College of Sciences is composed of Department of Mathematics, Department of Applied Mathematics, Department of Physics, and Department of Engineering Mathematics as well as Physical Experiment Center, including four laboratories of mechanics, physics, photoelectrons and mathematics. The college has one first-level discipline doctoral and master’s program for mechanics, first-level discipline master’s program for both mathematics and statistics, second-level discipline master’s program for physical electronics and master program for professional studies of communications engineering. The college takes in undergraduates in the programs of engineering mechanics, information and commuting scienceincluding intelligent mobile development and big data and cloud computing, and electronic information science and technology. The number of enrolled students has reached over 1000, of which there are 888 undergraduates , 152 postgraduates and 55 doctoral students. College of Sciences of Inner Mongolia University of Technology is striving to build into a top-level teaching and research base, conducting high quality teaching based upon sound scientific research.

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New town campus: 49 aimin street, xincheng district, Hohhot, Inner Mongolia (Zip code:010051)

Jinchuan campus: jinchuan industrial park, economic and technological development zone, Hohhot, Inner Mongolia (Zip code:010080)

Junger campus: a new area of the city of erdos in erdos, Inner Mongolia (Zip code:010321)

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