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College of Textile and Light Industry


The College of Textile and Light Industry was founded in 2004, and it is a rather young institution of IMUT, whose history can be traced back to 1987 when the textile engineering program was first launched. After years of development it has expanded to cover such fields as Textile Engineering, Apparel Engineering, Printing Engineering and Light Chemical Engineering, becoming a senior application-oriented talent training base with considerate influence in the field of light industry and textile in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region (IMAR).

The College currently offers 5 bachelor programs, i.e., Textile Engineering, Fashion Design and Engineering, Fashion and Costume Design, Printing Engineering and Light Chemical Engineering. It has authorizations to confer the second level discipline master's degree of Costume Culture and Art Design and the master of engineering degree in Textile Engineering. The bachelor program of Textile Engineering is the brand specialty in IMAR among these study programs. Currently there are 53 faculties and staff in the college, including 4 professors and 12 associate professors. Around 90.56% staff members have received either doctor or master degrees. One teacher has been included in “321” Talent Project of IMAR and one in the Youth Creative Talent Project of IMAR respectively.

The College strives to strengthen the interdisciplinary cross-penetration among subjects, focusing on innovation of teaching and research. And the number and quality of achievements have been improving year by year. The College adheres to centering on the teaching of undergraduates and insists on the integrated teaching mode. It has established long-term cooperation relationships with many well-known clothing enterprises inside and outside IMAR, including Shan Dong Ruyi Group and Hebei Sanli Group, Beijing Tongniu Ltd. Co. These clothing enterprises serve as talent cultivation practice bases. The average employment rate of the graduates of all programs reached more 90% in the past three years. Up to now, the College has trained more than three thousand qualified graduates for the country and the autonomous region, the vast majority of which has become the backbone forces of the enterprises, making contributions to IMAR and the national textile, clothing and printing industries.

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New town campus: 49 aimin street, xincheng district, Hohhot, Inner Mongolia (Zip code:010051)

Jinchuan campus: jinchuan industrial park, economic and technological development zone, Hohhot, Inner Mongolia (Zip code:010080)

Junger campus: a new area of the city of erdos in erdos, Inner Mongolia (Zip code:010321)

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