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College of Mining


College of Mining is one of a subordinate colleges of Inner Mongolia University of Technology. The aim of our college is to promote economic development in Inner Mongolia. Our college was established by the cooperation between Inner Mongolia University of Technology and people's government of Jungar Banner in September 2006. Our college is located in ungar Banner, Dalu, Covering 750 acres and having 750 acres of reserve land. The first phases of a project on our college contains of 15 buildings and a standard 400 meter plastic playground, nearly 60 thousand square meters. Among the 15 buildings, the teaching building 6, service building 1, student canteen 1, student dormitory 2. Besides, 3 student dormitories and 2 teachers' apartments have been completed in the second phase.

The development of subjects and specialties of our college is closely related to the advantages of coal source and coal chemical industry in Inner Mongolia, and aims at serving the needs of the local economic development. After nearly a decade of efforts, our collage consists of 1 second-level master sections in Underground Engineering and Geological Technology, 3 undergraduate majors which consist of Mechanical Engineering, Geological Engineering and Mineral Processing Engineering and 3 Special Education majors which include Architectural Engineering Technology, Applied Chemical Engineering Technology and Mechatronics Technology. Now, our college cultivates 892 graduate students and 231 junior college students with a total of 1123.

There are 40 teaching and administrative staff in our college, including 2 professors, 4 associate professors with vice-senior Title , 17 lecturers. There are 13 people with doctor's degree, 25 people with master’s degree, 14 Ph. D. Candidates and 4 people who are a visiting scholar abroad or have foreign work experience. Teachers in our college are hosting 9 projects of National Natural Science Foundation of China, more than 20 provincial and ministerial research projects and the research funds is about 5,000,000 yuan.  

Goals of our college are strict in study, teaching and management and cultivating practical and inter-disciplinary talents with excellent ideological theory, excellent business skills and high quality. Our college pays attention to teach students knowledge, cultivate their ability and enhance the comprehensive ability of them. We strictly control the quality of teaching and pay attention to the connection between teaching and market demand. With the Western Development Strategy being advanced and the rapid development of economy, we believe our college will have a promising future.  

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New town campus: 49 aimin street, xincheng district, Hohhot, Inner Mongolia (Zip code:010051)

Jinchuan campus: jinchuan industrial park, economic and technological development zone, Hohhot, Inner Mongolia (Zip code:010080)

Junger campus: a new area of the city of erdos in erdos, Inner Mongolia (Zip code:010321)

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